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Computer Repair

  Theresa, Dracut, MA

"The service is very convenient and much easier than bringing the PC to someone."


With over 17 years experience in supporting personal computers, CBTS can help you to understand the issues related to computers. We can talk to you in plain simple English, helping you to get the most from your computer and software. These are a few of the projects we have helped people with in recent months.

Customer 1
A local real estate office lost their internet connection and their regular Computer Consultants could not get onsite until the next day.  CBTS had a technician there within 20 minutes and had them back on the internet in an hour.

Customer 2
CBTS volunteered to help a Methuen Catholic School to get internet enabled computers in every classroom and their computer lab. Content filtering was utilized to protect the kids from inappropriate content.

Customer 3
A new customer was opening up a new business in the area. They needed computer support and an office setup for phones and Internet access. We worked with the owner to determine his needs, get phone and data lines installed, then set up his equipment. He also needed a web site and e-mail so we pointed him to a local vendor to get help.

Customer 4
A local business installed a broadband internet connection and after the installation their 5 computer network was not functioning properly. CBTS restored network connectivity and then setup shared internet access for the 5 computers in their office.

This is only a partial view of the work that CBTS has done in the past. CBTS has provided support to people and offices of 1 - 100 computers and support to high availability networks with up to 22 servers. To find out more about CBTS's experiences and achievements, please contact us.


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