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Computer Repair

  Theresa, Dracut, MA

"I called on Tuesday and Steve was here on Wednesday, working with my schedule". "I was completely satisfied with the work done, the time it took and the professionalism of the technician. I would recommend his services to other people"...


Copper Beech Technology Services has had the pleasure of serving many Residential and Small Business customers. Technology changes fast and many people need to have someone to turn to when things go wrong or you want to change the way things are done and improve them. Call us, we can help you too!

Here are a few comments from some of our customers.

Steve Cote of Copper Beech TEchnology Services offers incredible service.  He always calls back quickly and follows up in a timely manner.

These things set him apart, but it doesn't stop there.  Steve is always professional, but in addition, I have found him to be very patient, kind and respectful.  He speaks to me so that I understand him, that is very important to me.

I so value and appreciate his service, that I do not hesitate to call him and refer him to anyone.

Nancy Lesofsky
Decorating with Nancy

I have used Copper Beech technologies for the past 7 years. Steve and his staff have always been professional, quick, and efficient when servicing my computers. Their knowledge and expertise shows every time I need them. They have a great way of explaining complicated computer terms in an understandable manner. When Steve or his staff is waiting for something to load on one computer, he is checking the other computers in my office to make sure they have the latest updates and are working at peak performance.

Raymond Boutin
Boutin Appraisals, Inc.

 I have known Mr. Steve Cote professionally for over 6 years and have been using his services for that time. He is prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. Mr. Cote was instrumental in installing our 12-computer network and was our liaison working with data migration to a new software company. Over the years he has responded to crashes, viruses and upgrades, all with swift, professional service. He has recovered data from damaged hard drives on several occasions and has helped us avoid many other types of computer damage.
Steve has set us up with off site backup, which is vital in the event of loss due to fire, theft or cyber corruption. He has integrated our diagnostic instrumentation into a seamless operating system.
Steve is quick to answer calls and can frequently solve problems over the phone. He is very honest and has done work on our computers in my home. I give Steve Cote and Copper Beech Technology my highest recommendation for their service, professionalism, sales, installation and general reliability.


Gerard Cassista

Steve ;
Thank you for the job well done, on my computer, I am a computer dummy and when something goes wrong, you want someone who knows the business, and you want someone to come as quick as they can.. Steve at copper Beach fixed my computer and got me up and running again so my business could stay on track. Thank You Again Steve for a job well done. I would definitely call you again.

Thank you, and have a sweet day, Jane at Singleton's KItchen
"Quality is never an accident, Its the result of intention, effort and skill"

"Copper Beech Technology Services has enabled my work and time load to be extremely quick and efficient. Being a self-employed person, means time is everything. This company has given me the time and opportunity I needed to quickly and professionally get my business "booming" at a rapid rate. I am more than thoroughly overjoyed with their professionalism as well as support in any areas. I would recommend this company highly over the other competitors out there. Thanks CBTS!!!" Donna Palmisano
Hi Steve,

I can't thank you enough for the trouble you have gone through to to link my laptop and business computers. I know I'm also a lot of trouble on the phone, but I really appreciate the time and effort you give me when I'm confused! You really care to make sure that everything is running smoothly... I appreciate doing business with you and will recommend you to everyone I know.

Thanks again!

Paula Beaudoin
Steve the Cook Catering Services / the Parker House Grille
Dracut, MA

"Steve made buying a laptop cpu very easy for me. I am not knowledgeable about cpu's and he asked me what I am going to be doing with the cpu and then knew exactly what was right for me, and actually kept me well under my budget! I have had the cpu for 6 months now and couldn't be happier!"

Good Luck Steve!

Jim DesRocher
Boston Partners Financial Group LLC
Steve (Copper Beech Tech.) is my go to Computer Guy. What ever I need, he has been there with the knowledge and know how to get the work done. Whether it's getting me a new computer for a great price or helping me install a back-up program. Steve is always there when there's a computer problem to be fixed. Laura Scott Cinderella's Dust-Worthy Cleaning

Laura Scott
Cinderella's Dust-Worthy Cleaning
"Using Copper Beech Technology Services has allowed me to make contacts quicker and easier for College. I have received immediate responses from inquiries I have made to various Universities and Colleges throughout the world.

It has also helped me a great deal with obtaining necessary information for my High School work quickly and easily. The support and staff are wonderful. I am very thankful for my family in choosing such a professional and outstanding company." Vanessa Palmisano, Class 2004 Central Catholic High School.

Jake's computer was giving him several problems and he didn't know where to turn. One of his employees told him about Copper Beech Technology Services and the work done for another person. Jake contacted us and a Geek was onsite the next day. After some cleanup the problem was found & fixed using the System Restore function of Windows XP.

Jake was back up and running within an hour and has called us back for other issues since. According to Jake CBTS was very prompt and he was completely satisfied with the service provided. He has since used us for services at home as well as the office and recommended us to others. - Jakon Development - Dracut, MA
Jerry was in a bind. His previous technician changed professions and no longer provided technical support services. He was referred to Copper Beech Technology Services and called us up with a problem. Our Geek was onsite same day and his problems were resolved in 30 minutes. Jerry was "thrilled with the service and would use you again." - Jerry White - Lawrence, MA
Copper Beech Technology was referred to Norse Environmental Services. They had relocated their office to new space and there was a problem with the network wiring. They had no network connectivity for two weeks waiting for a friend to come in and give them a hand. A Geek was dispatched, found and corrected the wiring problem and got their network going again. We have had several encore appointments with them since that time to help with PC upgrades, backup solutions, repairs and new equipment installation. - Steve Eriksen, Norse Environmental Services, Tyngsboro, MA
Jim called us in a panic! His Internet connection was dead and he had no access to E-Mail. Jim gets many business referrals via E-Mail and needs to respond quickly so this was bad news for him. He contacted Copper Beech Technology Services and a Geek was onsite within an hour. The Geek checked for equipment issues and found things were fine. He then contacted Verizon DSL to determine if there were any outages in the area and found none.

The problem was identified as corrupted files in Windows. The files were reinstalled from the Verizon software CD and Jim was up and running within a couple of hours. Jim was "satisfied with the turnaround time" to get a Geek onsite and has already recommended our services to a couple of other people. Jim Andrews - Andrews Limousine Service - Dracut, MA
Theresa found out about Copper Beech Technology Services by reading our columns in the Dispatch News. She called up with problems accessing the Internet and not getting e-mail. The kids were unhappy as well since they could not instant message with their friends!

A Geek was dispatched to their home and after an hour everything was fixed. The problem turned out to be spyware related and our Geek spent some time to show Theresa how to scan and remove Spyware in the future. They also reviewed best practices for virus prevention. Theresa feels that our Geek was "very professional and highly recommends this service." "The service is very convenient and much easier than bringing the PC to someone." - Theresa Batton - Dracut, MA
Tricia found out about our services through the Dispatch News. She had problems getting e-mail and accessing the Internet so she gave us a call. "I called on Tuesday and Steve was here on Wednesday, working with my schedule". "I was completely satisfied with the work done, the time it took and the professionalism of the technician. I would recommend his services to other people". Tricia's problem turned out to be virus and Spyware related, we were onsite for almost two hours but when we left the problems were gone and she was back to work in no time. - Tricia Ryan - Dracut, MA

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